Folk Legend Pete Seeger Passes Away

Record World Magazine

Photo by Jefferson Siegel

American Singer, Songwriter and Activist. Seeger’s interest in music began early. His father Charles, was a musicologist and his mother Constance, was a violin teacher; both were on the faculty of the Juilliard School of Music. He learned banjo, ukulele, and guitar by his teens and became interested in American folk-music when he was 16. He began working with noted folk archivist and field recorder Alan Lomax before traveling around the country learning rural music. He attended Harvard University and served in the army in World War II. In the ’40s, he became a friend and singing associate of Woody Guthrie before forming the Weavers, which became an enormously popular folk quartet that popularized such folk standards as “On Top of Old Smokey” and Lead Belly’s “Goodnight Irene”.  In the ’50s his sympathies with humanitarian socialism led him to be blacklisted by the House UnAmerican Activities Committee, however he continued…

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