Coming Up: All Time Rock Top 1000 Songs Live

The All Time Rock Top 1000 Songs will be played live by Jammin Joe on KickAss Rock Radio Friday nights at 7:00 PM EDT starting this Friday! Click here to go!

The show is scheduled to run for four hours every Friday night until it’s done. The bad news is .. this could take a long time. The good news is … We have something cool to listen to every Friday through the entire spring and into the summer!

The chart was compiled by using the Tunecaster Rock Top 30 from 1980 through early 2014. This will be the first presentation of the all time rock hits ever.

Since the all time countdown comes from  the longest running weekly rock charts anywhere, you are not going to find a more comprehensive objective countdown. The chart was tabulated using the Tunecaster Harmony system, which mathematically adjusts trends in chart history so that songs have an equal chance of making the survey regardless of when they came out.  This means songs from faster-moving years are not disfavored, and songs from slower-moving years are not benefited.  What could be more fair?

I included a few songs here from the first segment which will be on the countdown, 7:00 PM, US Eastern Time. What a great way to start the spring.

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