All Time Top 1000 Rock Songs continues through the summer


UPDATE: The top 1000 songs of all time in chart history was a blast! We made it through all one thousand songs right up to the number one song. If you missed it, you’re gonna have to wait. It will be done again and updated after the fortieth anniversary of the longest running rock charts anywhere.  Stay tuned. And keep listening to Jammin Joe at Live365.

On March 22, 2014, Jammin Joe began the ultimate countdown of the Top 1000 Rock Songs of all time in chart history. Every Friday, we’ve heard 50 great rock tunes from 1980 right through to early this year — each and every one a mega-classic. This is the official countdown of the biggest songs from the Rock Top 30, the longest running weekly rock charts anywhere.  Not only that, but this is the first-ever all-time publication from the rock chart. On June 15, we will hear songs #450 to #401. Complete schedule below. We are definitely having fun!

All kinds of great rock music made the chart over the years. Side-by-side, you’ll hear long-term top bands U2, Pearl Jam, Van Halen, Tom Petty, Linkin Park, R.E.M., John Mellencamp, Foo Fighters, Rush, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Aerosmith, many times along with groups that had fewer hits or shorter careers. On August 8, I will be posting the final fifty songs on Twitter as we listen. Here’s the remaining schedule:

June 15 June 20 June 27 July 11
July 18 July 25
August 1
August 8
August 15
450-401 400-351 350-301 300-251 250-201 200-151 150-101 100-51 Final 50

LISTEN LIVE  HERE–7:00 PM US Eastern Time Friday nights! The Top 1000 Rock Songs countdown is LIVE. At other times, Jammin Joe’s station plays mostly today’s alternative, with some mix of classics and other rock songs. Saturdays at the same time, Joe spends two hours taking requests of any song on your mind –no limits– and another two hours playing the current Rock Top 20.

Thanks to the Tunecaster Harmony system, which mathematically removes the bias of contemporary chart patterns, songs have an equal chance of making the top 1000 regardless of when they came out.

Whether you like oldies or the latest songs, alternative rock or guitar rock, your favorite rock music is represented here.

Enjoy the countdown. Leave a comment! Ask a question!


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