KickAssRockMe Radio has the tunes this fall

KickAssRockMe radio is my main source for today’s rock and alternative songs streaming 24-7 — except when they play specials.

Thursdays are “Throwback Thursdays,” 8PM  Eastern Time. Jammin Joe counts down this week’s Pop Top 10 from a classic year.

Fridays are Rock Top 20 days, 8PM Eastern Time. Jammin Joe is live counting down this current week’s Rock Top 20 songs from Tunecaster. BUT COME EARLY because the show starts at 7PM with specials and live requests, and stay late because there are more requests after the countdown.

Will Alt-J become number one? Or will it go back to Milky Chance, stay with Weezer, or can The Black Keys take it?

Saturdays Jammin Joe is live with special countdowns, 7PM Eastern Time. This fall is filled with exciting and crazy countdowns.

October 11. This Saturday Joe will countdown the top 40 rock songs that crossed-over to all the major formats — alternative, album rock, pop, dance and soul. There weren’t many songs that crossed-over this far and wide, and here, for the first time, you’ll hear ALL of them. And you’ll probably know them all, even if rock isn’t your favorite genre.

I’m betting we will hear from David Bowie.

October 18. Next Saturday, the top 50 rock songs with LIKE in the title. You will definitely like these songs.

October 25. Joe’s Halloween special, with exclusive Halloween countdowns, and some tricks or treats.

November 1. The first half of the top 100 rock songs with LOVE in the title.

November 8. The second half–the top 50 “rock love” songs.

Sundays. Here’s something different, and people who love music ought to listen — this current week’s Pop Top 10 songs, 8PM Eastern Time. Even us rockers need a short time-out to find what’s popular with the biggest masses. What better way than a short countdown on our favorite rock station?

Stay updated at Jammin Joe’s Tumblr Blog.

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