Unusual, amazing covers of popular songs/themes

Here are some amazing and often obscure cover songs.


Songs are like clay in a potter’s hand. Their malleability lures artists to mould it to their own style and transpose it to a completely new creation. Covers of popular songs are aplenty. But how often does one end up being a ear-worm? While some covers faithfully retain the original essence, others push boundaries and end up being pure magical audio delights. Here is a list of some of my favourite covers that hold a special place in my playlist:

1. Batman Evolution Music Video By The Piano Guys

Batman has been re-imagined many a time over the years. The Piano Guys have created this stellar medley that pays tribute to my favourite superhero from three different eras: the fun 1966 television version “Na na na–BATMAN!”, Danny Elfman’s score from the 1989 Tim Burton movie, and Hans Zimmer’s composition from the Dark Knight Trilogy. Don’t miss the iconic cars and interesting visual…

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