You Can’t Make This Up: Google Manually Bans Site While Google’s Own Bots Say Site is Safe

UPDATE 2: Google removes the site again — new story here.

UPDATE: Google finally put the site Tunecaster back in its search. I wonder what other sites are missing from Google. I’m sticking with Bing! (And no more Bidvertiser either.)

Now, why in the world would Google ban an innocuous and informative unique long-running music chart archive site for “sneaky redirects” when it’s own bots say the site is safe? Here’s what Google says:


Not very informative, is it? So, I removed advertising from Google’s competitor (which has been used since Google banned from its AdSense program as I talked about a bit here), and filed a “reconsideration.”


So, while Google is out doing this project and that project and earning billions of dollars, Google won’t get around to assigning a person to review its one-sided anti-due-process total removal of the music site from search …

possibly for “several weeks.”

But the Google bots know and admit RIGHT NOW that the site is safe.


So the site is safe, the bots know it, but Google has not restored it to search.

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