Google Search includes Jill Stein but Leaves Out Donald Trump in “Presidential Candidates” Search

Donald Trump is the nominee for president of one of the two major parties. Hillary Clinton is the nominee for the other. As recently as July 27, a Google search for “presidential candidates” showed something very different.


Once screen shots like these went “viral” on the web, Google finally bothered to update its search result. Google added Donald Trump and Gary Johnson, and deleted Bernie Sanders. But first, it took this very embarrassing search result — an article from NBC pointing it out!

Three questions:

Why did Google not know that Donald Trump was a candidate until after July 27?

Donald Trump was officially nominated on July 19. He was the “presumptive” nominee weeks earlier.

How did Google know that Jill Stein was running for president, but not know that Gary Johnson was as of July 27?

Gary Johnson was officially nominated as the Libertarian candidate way back in May. Jill Stein is not yet the official Green Party nominee. Gary Johnson polls more than double Jill Stein. Whoops!

Why was Bernie Sanders still in the picture on July 27?

Bernie Sanders conceded the nomination back on July 20.


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