Rock chart flashback, Headstrong by Trapt, record breaking song

Ten years ago we heard the first hit by Trapt, a rock number one song, a pop number 2 song, and the top rock song of the entire year 2003. Quite a first hit, but there’s more.
Headstrong was the first and only three-time number one rock song ever! No pop song has ever found its way back to number for a third time either.

Trapt debuted on the Rock Top 30, January 4, 2003, the first week of the year. The song, as often typical for new artists, was a slow riser, taking untilĀ March 22, 2003 to reach number 10.
A few weeks later, it leaped from number 5 to number one. The very next week, The White Stripes knocked Trapt out of number one, with its newer song Seven Nation Army. It seemed like it might be over for Headstrong after a single week at number one. But the song was still gaining in popularity, even though it slipped to number 2. Instead, Trapt continued gaining popularity, and retook number one.

Many songs have retaken the number one spot.

After a second nonconsecutive week at number one, Headstrong slipped again. Queens Of The Stone Age and Go With The Flow became the top song, and Trapt slipped to number 2. A week later, Cold and Stupid Girl occupied number one, Go With The Flow slipped to number 2, and Headstrong slipped to number 3.

Here’s where Trapt creates unprecedented new ground never seen before, and not since. After two weeks out of number one, Headstrong HITS NUMBER ONE FOR THE THIRD TIME! Headstrong takes another two weeks at number one, this time consecutive.

Trapt ends up with a total of four weeks at number one, and finds Headstrong becoming the 2003 top song of the year.Headstrong almost returns to number one a fourth time, but Jane’s Addiction comes from out of practically nowhere and slams into number one, while Trapt holds solidly onto number 2. Headstrong spends 33 weeks on the Rock Top 30.

Heastrong also makes it to number 2 pop a few months later.

Still Frame was the follow-up to Headstrong. This song debuted on the chart July 5, 2003, while Headstrong was still number 10. Still Frame hit number one here for one week and stayed on the chart for the rest of year. Between the two songs, Trapt was on the Rock Top 30 the entire calendar year, and number one for five weeks in 2003. Trapt went on to have many other popular songs.

Ten years later, in 2013, the current song by Trapt is Love Hate Relationship. This song has that great Trapt sound that we enjoyed in 2003 and afterward. This song has been out for a while, but it is not getting the kind of play it deserves. So far, it has only gotten as high as #65, well outside the Rock Top 30.

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