Never Gonna Dance Again, Goodbye George Michael

George Michael was one of the top solo superstars of the 80’s. We lost him, apparently from heart failure during our celebration of Christmas this year. When George Michael was in the duo Wham!, he made a new Christmas song, Last Christmas. The song was the top played pop Christmas song in 1985, a rare Pop Top 20 entry for a Christmas song in the modern era, and a classic song that has been covered by many top stars since then.

We lost George Michael at 53 years old on Christmas. But we will remember him fondly in future years for his Christmas classic, which will take its place aside other classics that are mostly older than his song.

He will also be remembered for his incredible pop chart career and the music that made it big.

After Wham! broke up, George Michael became one of the top solo pop superstars of the 1980’s with pop, dance, and even ballad super hits.  1988 ballad One More Try was the top song of the year, while George Michael had five of the top 100 songs of the decade. The Wham! hit that established his career Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go was #103.

The music of George Michael was enjoyed by many from soul, dance, pop, and even rock artists. Here is a 2009 rock number two remake of his second biggest hit, Careless Whisper, performed by rock and alternative band Seether.

We have lost too many of the biggest stars of the 80’s. George Michael may now join Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Prince in our forever memory. With the notable exception of Donna Summer whose biggest year was 1979 just barely outside the 80’s, the superstars of the prior decade have done better. Let’s hope for long lives of the rest of the 80’s superstars and good health and longevity to all in 2017.


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